RP art-project -meaning-

Most of us all have an occupation, hence we are usually too busy to have anything to
do with ART. Sure, certain elements of our work might require a little artistic practice.
But some of us ART lovers have a craving for a little more involvement with ART.
On the other hand, we cannot be too dedicated to ART. How can we drive away this lust
for ART? It is not really mature for us to bring forth our personal pleasures to work.
But then we are not serious enough to work on it alone. What we want is an environment
that has no obligations, but at the same time quench our thirst for ART.
What we are trying to do here in RP-ART PROJECT is to come up with a solution for
these people.In fact, our goal is to provide you a virtual "ART CLASSROOM".

RP-ART PROJECT is the "ART CLASSROOM", which produce an irregular publication
for the public. We would like to collect many artistic elements like a solid,liquid, sound,
a picture, smell, and, so on. To make this idea realized, we will try to issue RP products,
groping for a manner which is free from convention.

For this 0001 issue, we had chosen a BOX as the form, and we did not decide any specific theme.
We wanted the artists to join together in this project as one likes to. RP 0001 is rich in variety
of artists. There is an elementary schoolchild as an artist. On the other hand, many great
masters of ART also cooperated with us. So, the kind of products they offered to us were
uIf earthquakes were to occur, I hope everyone, who bought this BOX, will
evacuate carrying this BOX
v. Nobuyoshi Araki says. We seriously do not want tragic
earthquakes anymore. But, this his words gave us a lot of confidence (well, we felt a lot of
pressure, too).

We hope this Box will have a great influence on people who sympathize with us.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the artists for donating their times and effort.

RP- ART PROJECT is always looking for artists who want to join in our project(regardless
of age, occupation, and, the categories of ART). We ask of you to pay for the cost of your production,and we regret to inform you we will not be able to cover any additional cost. If you would like to be included in the project on these condition,
please make contact with RP-ART PROJECT. You may send a sample of your products directly to RP, but we cannot return it back to you. The copyright of products belongs to the artists.

Proposers : Mariko Chikada , Yumiko Mukai , Kyoko Koizumi , Masatoshi Nagase



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